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Friday, 25th April 2014

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Cuba, the single LatAm country without child malnutrition

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) stated that Cuba is the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean without child malnutrition, while 146 million children are suffering from that scourge worldwide.

Twenty eight percent of those minors are from Africa, 17% from the Middle East, 15% from Asia, seven per cent from Latin America and the Caribbean, five per cent from Central Europe, and 27% from other developing countries, stated a UNICEF recent report entitled 'Progress for Children, a Report on Nutrition.'

The report, quoted by the Cuban daily newspaper Granma, says Cuba does not have those problems, being the only Latin American and Caribbean country that has eliminated child malnutrition thanks to the government's efforts to improve food provision, especially for the most vulnerable groups.

Amid the U.S.-imposed economic, trade and financial blockade for almost 50 years, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recognized Cuba´s development in fighting malnutrition.

The Cuban State ensures a basic family basket and boosts breastfeeding benefits, keeping exclusive breastfeeding until the fourth month of life and supplementing with other foods until six months old, the daily states.

Source: Prensa Latina