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Thursday, 24th April 2014

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Fare rises for Londoners caused by Tory policies

Boris Johnson, the Conservative mayor of London, has indicated that there will be above inflation fare increases for Londoners for the second year running.

In January this year public transport users in London faced fare hikes at an average of 6% but with some fares going up by 11%, making the average Londoner about £200 worse off.

The Mayor has blamed a 'black hole' in the finances of TfL (Transport for London)  largely left by his predecessor Ken Livingstone for the fare increases.

In response, Ken Livingstone said:

“Boris Johnson has got to start taking responsibility for his policy decisions. There was no black hole left by me in TfL’s finances; in fact the opposite is the case, strong balances were left. Johnson has to look at his own policies which prioritise the car driver and demand public transport users pay higher prices for a worse service.

“Since he has been in office he has thrown away £50-£70 million a year by scrapping the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge, abandoned the plan to charge polluting gas guzzlers, cancelled the co-operation agreement with Venezuela which put £16 million a year into the system. He is continuing with the unpopular policy of scrapping the bendy bus and replacing them with ordinary single deckers at a third of the capacity. This is costly and inefficient.

“This is a regressive approach to transport – cutting major transport projects and increasing fares above inflation while abolishing plans to reduce congestion and traffic pollution. They punish the average Londoner with higher fares.

“My policies were the opposite. I kept fares as low as possible while improving services. If I were still in office, given the economic crisis, I would be looking at ways in which to reduce not increase fares."


Source: Progressive London