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Friday, 18th April 2014

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Multimedia report on Honduras presented in London

Seventy people gathered at London's Bolivar Hall last Monday to hear 21st Century Socialism editors Calvin Tucker and Noah Tucker present a report of their recent visit to Honduras. The meeting was sponsored by the Morning Star newspaper. The Venezuelan Embassy, which hosted the event, issued the following press release.

Editors of online publication Calvin and Noah Tucker presented an audiovisual report of their experiences in Honduras, at the Bolivar Hall of the Venezuelan Embassy in London.

On June 28, the elected president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped by the military and expelled from the country. On July 24, the President made his second attempt to re-enter the country.

Calvin and Noah were a part of a convoy which was formed by the first lady of Honduras Xiomara Castro, whose mission was to meet with her husband at the border of Nicaragua.

During the presentation of this extraordinary report which consisted of images, interviews and un-edited audio clips, Calvin and Noah urged people in Britain and abroad to keep the Honduran coup in the spotlight.

“Our intention is to use all of the material we have compiled during our trip to spread the truth about what is really happening in Honduras, where a regime of military terror has been installed,” said Calvin Tucker.

“Our aim is to give a voice to the people of Honduras ,” he added.

The video which was shown to the public at the Bolivar Hall included interviews with a number of Honduran citizens, and reports of both pro and anti-coup demonstrations. The differences between the social class makeup of the two protests was striking. Those who supported the military takeover tended to be upper or middle class and light skinned, and those who opposed it, working class and darker skinned. After the showing of the video, the speakers presented an audio and slide show of their trip to the border under military curfew. The commentary, which had been recorded live at the scene, contained real sounds of confrontations with the military and hooded police as the convoy proceeded towards the border. The speakers also played interviews with the President’s daughter Hortensia Zelaya, and his wife Xiomara Castro de Zelaya.

Castro de Zelaya was very thankful for the solidarity that had been shown towards Honduras.

“We cannot allow them to legalize coup d’etats. Our president must be allowed to return,” the first lady was recorded saying on audiotape.

Calvin Tucker strongly criticised the international media for not reporting on the atrocities being carried out against the unarmed civilian population.

“The military are attacking, torturing and killing people that participate in protests to support President Zelaya. Citizens are particularly vulnerable to arrest and attack when they are returning to their homes after protesting in the streets.

“The morning after we left the rest of the convoy at the military checkpoint, the mutilated body of a young man was discovered just 400 yards from where we had been. He had been tortured and then assassinated. These types of actions by the dictatorship are designed to intimidate the population into abandoning their resistance. The media should have been informing the public about all that has happened,” Calvin Tucker told the audience.

Since the coup took place on June 28, there have been over two thousand arrests and at least eight confirmed murders.

“The actual number of assassinations and disappearances is probably much higher, perhaps as many as sixty have been killed. The true figure may never be known,” added Calvin Tucker.

Press Office Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United Kingdom